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EARN BETWEEN $900 to $2M

Earn some serious cash.

Want to earn free Bitcoin?

This is the ultimate list of bitcoin faucets, reward sites and bitcoin apps that hand out free Bitcoin.

If you already know what free Bitocin faucets are and understand free btc websites, skip straight to the list of bitcoin faucets below. If not, read on to learn about what Bitcoin faucets are, how free BTC websites work and how you can maximize your free Bitcoin.

List of Bitcoin faucets to Earn freebitcoin

The following faucets and reward sites are ordered as according to potential earnings of free Satoshi. This includes making full use of the other ways to earn that each free bitcoin faucet offers (such as watching videos and clicking on adverts).
Bitcoin FaucetFaucet PayoutRevisit TimePayment MethodWithdraw MinimumOther ways to earn?
CointiplyUp to 280 Coins1 hourBitcoin Wallet | FaucetHub | Doge Wallet35,000 CoinsView Ads | Play Games | Watch Videos | Complete Offers and Surveys
Moon Bit2 Satoshi every 10 Minutes 5 minsCoinpot0 (Instant)Offers
Bit Fun2 Satoshi every 3 Minutes3 minsCoinpot0 (Instant)Games | Dice | Offers | Surveys
Bonus BitcoinUp to 5,000 Satoshi every 15 minutes 15 minsCoinpot0 (Instant)Dice | Offers/Surveys
Daily Free Bits4 – 1200 Satoshi1 hourFaucethub100 SatoshiNone
BitcoinkerUp to 100,000 Satoshi5 minsBitcoin Wallet20,000 SatoshiNone
Field Bitcoins6 Satoshi every 5 mins5 minsBitcoin WalletWeekly if balance is over 25,000 SatoshiNone
Star Bits7 Satoshi every 6 minutes6 minsFaucetHub Wallet0 (Instant)None
FreeBitcoin24 - 2,473,438 Satoshi1 hourBitcoin Wallet30,000 SatoshiRewards | Lottery | Multiplier
XBIT.CO.IN2 Satoshi every 5 minutes5 minsFaucethub0 (Instant)None
MoonBitcoin Cash30 Satoshi every 5 minutes5 minsCoinPot0 (Instant)Faucet
MoonDoge0.04 Dogecoin every 5 minutes5 minsCoinPot0 (Instant)Faucet
MoonDash61 Dash every 5 minutes5 minsCoinPot0 (Instant)Faucet
MoonLite126 Litoshi every 5 minutes5 minsCoinPot0 (Instant)Faucet

That brings this free Bitcoin faucet list to a close, but I’ll be adding new faucets each week, and in future guides I’ll be sharing how to bag some free Dogecoins (arguably the world’s most beloved cryptocurrency), as well as other crypto.

For those who need a little more explanation as to what bitcoin faucets are, whether bitcoin faucets are safe and more, read on.

How to Earn between $900 to $2 MILLION a Year with Bitcoin Faucets

THIS GUIDE RIGHT HERE tells you how often to claim and how many other people you’ll need to refer in order to earn between $900 and $2 MILLION a year!

To get to the upper limit, you’ll need 500 referrels. Read the guide above ^^^ for the full breakdown and earning potential.

(Do bear in mind however that this article isn’t new. Rates for faucets do change, but they should always be roughly in line with how much cyrptos are worth in dollars).

Sign up for CoinPot

CoinPot is a free microwallet. This is where your cryptocurrency earnings will be sent.

Sign up here

Claim from these nine faucets everyday, and use your referrel code for others to do the same.

You’ll earn part of everything your referrels earn. You can earn between $900 and $2M based on the above guide.

You can get your referrel link from each of the faucets. You then simply provide this to your referrels.

The faucets are:




MoonBitcoin Cash




You’ll notice that some of these faucets pay out in other cryptocurrencies. These can be converted for free into Bitcoin using CoinPot. You can also use the other faucets listed on this site to boost your earnings.

Cash out to a crypto wallet

I recommend CoinBase. CoinBase allows you to cash out to your bank account. You can also buy other cyrptos and earn from referring others to the website.

Sign up here

Free Bitcoin faucets – An introduction

Homepage of Moon Bitcoin Faucet

Bitcoin faucet give out freebitcoin in return for nothing more than solving a capture, watching a video or clicking on adverts. They’re FREE to use as the websites make money through advertising. You’ll need a Bitcoin wallet and/or micro-wallet to withdraw your Bitcoin (I move on to these in a moment).

The free Bitcoin faucet list above breaks down how much each website pays out, how often, how you earn free bitcoin and what the minimum balance is for cash out.

But first, there are some things you need to know about faucet sites to earn free bitcoin…

Free BTC claim amount

How much free BTC do you receive per claim?

Withdrawal minimum and method

How much free BTC do you need to have before withdrawal, and where are payments sent? Some send direct to your bitcoin wallet, others to microwallets such as FaucetHub or Coinpot.
The Coinpot Cryptocurrency Microwallet Dashboard

Referral commission

Free BTC faucet websites always offer a referral scheme, allowing you to earn from bringing others to the site. The amount they pay differs from faucet to faucet (for example, Moonbit pays a 50% lifetime commission + up to a 100% claim bonus).

Free BTC claim timer

How often can you claim (you can claim from some free BTC faucets every five minutes, while others have a claim timer of an hour).

Free Bitcoin Faucets - In Detail

Click on the drop down titles to learn more about each free Bitcoin faucet.

Referrals: 25% of faucet claims FOR LIFE + 10% of their Offerwall earnings.

Loyalty bonus: 1% Daily.

Cointiply is probably the most well-regarded of all free bitcoin faucets.

Since 2018, Cointiply have paid out an impressive $350,000. With a slick design that’s easy to navigate, as well as ads, offers, games and videos, it’s easy to quickly build up a Bitcoin balance.

Like many bitcoin faucets, Cointiply will provide a loyalty bonus for all your faucet claims, increasing by 1% for each day you’re active

The faucet typically pays out 22 Satoshi per hour, but there is a chance to win anything up to 280 coins. You can also gamble on their planet-themed multiplier.

Referrals: 50% lifetime commission + up to 100% claim bonus!

Loyalty bonus: 1% per day, up to a max of 100%.

Moon Bitcoin has grown quite the fan base over the years, and now has 33K followers on Twitter.

Like all of Moon faucets, Moonbit offers a bonus scheme that can see your claims boosted by 500%. Other Moon faucets include: Bitcoin Cash, Dash Coin, Dogecoin and LiteCoin).

How to earn free BTC from Moonbit.com

Step One: Click on ‘Claim Now

Step Two: Click on the ‘Solve Capture’

Step Two of Claiming Free Bitcoin on Moon Bit Solve the Capture

Step Three: View your reward boosters

Step Three View Your Bitcoin Reward Boosters

Referrals: 50% Lifetime Commission on all bitcoin faucet claims.

Loyalty bonus: None.

Bitfun is a simple, no-nonsense faucet. This website also has games, offers and dice, which can bulk up your Bitcoin earnings.

Payouts are to Coinpot, so for every claim you make you’ll receive a 3 CoinPot token bonus (click here to scroll up to an intro to CoinPot).

Referrals: 50% lifetime on all faucet claims (!) – paid instantly to your CoinPot account (impressive).

Loyalty bonus: 5% daily bonus based on what you’ve earned in the past 72 hours.

Bonus Bitcoin makes it possible to win anything up to 5,000 Satoshi every 15 minutes, although the average claim is 18 Satoshi.

Bonus Bitcoin also provides a few other ways to earn Bitcoin, including a Dice multiplier and offers and surveys.

Referrals: 10% of referral’s earnings forever!

Loyalty bonus: None.

Daily Free Bits is one of the oldest faucets going. Unlike many other faucets, there’s nothing else to do here but enter your Bitcoin address and claim.

It pays out between 7 – 1200 Satoshi, and you can claim every hour. All payments are made to your FaucetHub account (click here to scroll up to a FaucetHub explainer).

A bonus about Daily Free Bits is that it offers a super low payout threshold of just 100 Satoshi.

Referrals: 10%.

Loyalty bonus: Up to 25% for long-term use.

Bitcoinker was previously a sister bitcoin faucet to BitcoinZebra, which has since shut down. Over its time in business this faucet has changed ownership several times, however it remains a trusted way of earning free Bitcoin.

You can bag yourself anything up to a 100,000 Satoshi every 5 minutes, although the average Bitcoin payout is 7 Satoshi.

Referrals: 10% of referrals’ earnings.

Loyalty bonus: None.

Earncrypto allows you to earn free Bitcoin and other crypto by watching videos, testing apps, completing surveys and referring friends. Unlike the majority of other faucets in our list, this website allows you to earn multiple cryptocurrencies.

However there are reports around the web that state that this website takes an especially long while to build a balance and reach payout.

The Earn Free Crypto acts as a Wallet and a Free Bitcoin Website

How to get free bitcoin

Want some free BTC?

What you’re actually looking for is free Satoshi. No freebitcoin website out there pay out in whole Bitcoins.

Soooo… What IS a Satoshi?

A Bitcoin (BTC) is made up of smaller units (just like any other currency, such as dollars and cents; pounds and pence). A bitcoin can be split into 100,000,000 units (100 million). Each of these units is worth 0.00000001 of a Bitcoin. These units are called Satoshis. A Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin.

How many Satoshis are in a Bitcoin?

There are 100,000,000 Satoshi (100 million) in a bitcoin. Free Bitcoin websites have faucets that hand out free Satoshi, but the amount you can earn differs from website to website.

1 Satoshi = 0.0000001 ₿

10 Satoshi = 0.00000010 ₿

100 Satoshi = 0.00000100 ₿

1,000 Satoshi = 0.00001000 ₿

10,000 Satoshi = 0.00010000 ₿

100,000 Satoshi = 0.00100000 ₿

1,000,000 Satoshi = 0.01000000 ₿

10,000,000 Satoshi = 0.10000000 ₿

100,000,000 Satoshi = 0.10000000 ₿

Bitcoin faucets are websites, online apps or smartphone apps that reward you in Bitcoin for completing tasks.

Bitcoin faucets offer multiple tasks to earn free bitcoin, including:

  • Bitcoin faucets – of which there are two main types…

    • Clicking a button to claim a set amount every five minutes, 15 minutes or 60 minutes

    • Clicking a button to roll a number to ‘win’ Satoshi

  • Offers

  • Watching videos

  • Click and view ads

  • Playing games

Some Bitcoin faucets have a minimum withdrawal (for Cointiply it’s 35,000 coins).

However others you can claim your Satoshi instantly, with the balance then sent on to a microwallet. Two of the most popular Bitcoin microwallets are CoinPot and FaucetHub.

Freebitcoin: FAQs

Questions, confusion or queries about how to earn freebitcoin? Find the answer right here.

The easiest way to get free cryptocurrency is to use crypto faucets. Crypto faucets are websites that pay free crypto for certain tasks, such as solving captchas, watching videos, viewing ads, completing surveys and playing games. The most popular cryptocurrency faucets are: Cointiply, BitFun, Bonus Bitcoin, MoonBit, MoonDash, MoonDoge, MoonBitcoin Cash and MoonLitecoin.

Other ways to get free cryptocurrency include:

  • Using airdrops
  • Writing about cryptocurrency
  • Trading cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency arbitrage

An airdrop is where a cryptocurrency awards free tokens in exchange for completing tasks to promote the cryptocurrency. This could include:

  • Liking/following social accounts
  • Following blog accounts
  • Sending telegrams
  • Posting comments on blogs
  • Submitting reviews

There are numerous ways to make money with Bitcoin, the most popular of which is to purchase at a low value and sell once Bitcoin has risen in value. You can buy and sell Bitcoin using a trading platform such as Coinbase. Other ways to make money with Bitcoin include:

  1. Using Bitcoin faucets
  2. Selling your products/services for Bitcoin
  3. Mining Bitcoin using a desktop miner
  4. Clicking adverts
  5. Watching videos
  6. Playing games
  7. Writing about Bitcoin
  8. Gambling bitcoin
  9. Getting tipped in Bitcoin
  10. Writing about Bitcoin

Bitcoin faucets hand out free Satoshi (small amounts of Bitcoin). Given how Bitcoin has risen in value from £25 in 2011 to £18,000 in 2017, holding on to your faucet earnings could indeed be worthwhile, especially if you have a strategy in place to:

  • Use multiple Bitcoin faucets
  • Refer others to faucets using your referral link
  • Complete tasks such as clicking on adverts, completing offers and playing games
  • Run videos in the background (on Cointiply, a day’s viewing can earn you more than 1000 coins)
  • Boost your Bitcoin earnings from Coinpot tokens – currently you would receive three Coinpot tokens for every faucet claim. Coinpot tokens can then be converting into Bitcoin.

Bitcoin faucets are legal. Cointiply, one of the largest faucets, has paid out over £350,000. However there are faucets that range from unscrupulous to flat-out fraudulent. Some common Bitcoin faucet scams include:

  • Faucets that don’t pay out
  • Faucets that act as a ruse to install Malware on your computer
  • Bitcoin faucets that use your computer processing power to mine Bitcoin without informing you and not sharing the profit

There are many real high-paying bitcoin faucets, such as Moonbit, Cointiply and Bonus Bitcoin. However there are also questionable faucets that suffer from poor payment reliability, as well as flat out Bitcoin faucet scams. Our golden rule is this – if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. The red flags to look out for include:

  • Promises of payments that are too high
  • A withdrawal level that seems impossible to reach
  • A faucet website that is flagging up as dangerous by your anti-virus software

The Bitcoin faucets listed in this list have, to the best of my knowledge, been verified as safe. Be sure to read our scam Bitcoin faucet section too.

Some bitcoin faucets require a microwallet to withdraw to. For example moonbitcoin uses Coinpot (the other moon websites also use Cointpot – moondash, moondoge, moonbitcoin cash). Let’s take a look at each (particular Coinpot, which gives you a solid bonus EACH and EVERY time you transfer bitcoin faucet winnings, which quickly build up).

Coinpot rewards you as you hit certain milestones, such as making 100 faucet claims in a day.

Finally Coinpot also allows you to mine bitcoin right through your browser. You can mine all of the crypto it supports, as well as mine CoinPot tokens.

CoinPot Micorwallet where Free Bitcoin is stored

Among the many benefits of Coinpot is also the ability to convert your balances from one crypto coin to another. This can help you reach the minimum withdrawal levels more quickly, especially when using multiple crypto faucets.

You can also earn crypto on CoinPot through ‘gambling’ it. The Coinpot website has a lottery and multiplier.

Coinpot will give you a bonus of three Coinpot tokens for each claim you send to it. You can then convert these tokens into a cryptocurrency of your choice: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dashcoin and Dogecoin.

If you use all the Moon faucet websites as well as Funbits it’s possible to earn 180 Coinpot tokens per hour, which (by today’s Bitcoin value) would give you 0.00000199 BTC (or 199 Satoshi) per hour. That’s a nice little bonus.

Mine Bitcoin on the Coinpot Website for Free

Yes, absolutely. Free BTC websites and apps generate their revenue through ads, and then pass on a percentage to you. Other tasks, such as filling in surveys or completing offers, work in the same way – the company pays the faucet a set amount, and you receive free Satoshi.

But here’s the thing… one site alone won’t make you rich. But free bitcoin faucets demand very little effort and your Satoshi pot can quickly build up if you use multiple platforms and refer others to the site.

That said, there are people who make good money using free Bitcoin faucets, however they’re using multiple sites and doing other tasks to get free Bitcoin, filling in surveys and clicking ads, while they have videos running at the same time. They’re playing free bitcoin games in their spare time and may have a strategy in place (read my strategy for earning £26,500 by clicking here).

Claim 7 Satoshi from the StarBits website every 5 minutes